Fred & Friends

Doodle Series- Lake 1000 Piece Puzzle

SKU: 3092


At Fred, we can’t leave well enough alone. We’ve taken the boring, stock photos you see on traditional puzzles and transformed them into lively, rambunctious scenes filled with quirky characters and subtle details that will leave everyone laughing. Your puzzle experience will be taken to the next level as the cleverly integrated hand-drawn illustrations leave something to be discovered with every piece!

The Fred Doodle Series features a variety of 1000-piece puzzles all made to the highest quality standards. Each 2mm thick ribbon-cut puzzle is made of 90% recycled material, and printed with soy-based inks with an anti-glare finish. Packed in a resealable bag with minimal dust, the puzzles include a reference insert tucked into each sturdy and attractive box


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